Sieve stars

Our sieve stars (SP) are made of rubber and have a hardness of 65° shore A (+/- 5°). some models are also available in polyurethane


Product number


Hub width and diameter

 Square hole

STR6V.NB38.ND50.GT30.s65 Ster 1510-01131 160mm 38mm / 50mm 30mm
STR6V.NB38.ND50.GT32 Ster 1510-01124 160mm 38mm / 50mm 32mm
STR12V.NB38.ND50.GT30 Ster 1510-01114 165mm 38mm / 50mm 30mm
STR12V.NB38.ND50.GT32 Ster 1510-01116 165mm 38mm / 50mm 32mm
Stubby.30 Ster 1510-04278 99mm 38mm / 62mm 30mm
AT2000 ster 1510-00998 160mm 38mm / 75mm 30mm