Sprocket type G

Type G drives the belt in the cams as well as on the rods.


Product number


35/16G.GO 0610-00131 166mm
40/16G.GO 0610-00160 193mm
40/18G.GO 0610-00162 216mm
40/20G.GO 0610-00163 224mm
43/18G.GO 0610-00175 236mm
44/16G.GO 0610-00179 213mm
44/20G.GO 0610-00180 269mm
50/12G.GO 0610-00186 175mm
50/14G.GO 0610-00188 212mm
50/16G.GO 0610-00193 245mm

Drive wheels can be delivered both unprocessed and machined. When ordering a machined wheel, please specify the desired bore. Keyway and / or set bolt are optional.