Vulcanized rod type C10

To protect the product from damage, we can vulcanize a soft rubber layer onto the rods. This rubber has a hardness of 30-35° shore. Because the rod is vulcanized over the total length, including the flattenings, this offers optimal protection. With these rods, the centre belt is attached with OGP. Because each rod must be vulcanized in a mold not every width is available.


Product number

 Gc10/32 Rivet rod 400  0310-05343
 Gc10/32 Rivet rod 500  0310-05344
 Gc10/32 Rivet rod 600  0310-00002
 Gc10/32 Rivet rod 750  0310-00003
 Gc10/32 Rivet rod 900  0310-00004
 Gc10/32 Rivet rod 985  0310-07464
 Gc10/32 Rivet rod 1100_O/20  0310-00005
 Gc10/32 Rivet rod 1150  0310-12500
 Gc10/32 Rivet rod 1250_O/20  0310-12422
 Gc10/32 Rivet rod 1450_O/20  0310-00006
 Gc10/32 Rivet rod 1650_O/20  0310-00007
 Gc10/32 Rivet rod 2350_O2/20  0310-00008