Joiner type SLZL

Joining clips are designed to fit the different pitches and belt width. In order to clearly define a specific joiner, Hessels makes use of a standard coding.

sluiting codering

A: Type joiner
B: Pitch
C: Belt width
D: C.T.C. distance of the rivet holes
E: Diameter of the rivet holes

Joiner Type ZL

Heavy duty welded joiner, made to fit every pitch and belt width. The rivet rod is mounted on top of the joiners.



Product number


SLZL28/50/20×5 Joiner 3060-07265 per pair
SLZL28/50/20×6 Joiner 3060-10019 per pair
SLZL28/50/24×5 Joiner 3060-07481 per pair
SLZL28/60/20×6 Joiner 3060-09573 per pair
SLZL28/60/30×6 Joiner 3060-06869 per pair
SLZL28/60/32×5 Joiner 3060-07357 per pair
SLZL28/60/32×6 Joiner 3060-09574 per pair
SLZL30/50/20×5 Joiner 3060-07643 per pair
SLZL30/50/24×5 Joiner 3060-07640 per pair
SLZL30/60/32×5 Joiner 3060-07646 per pair
SLZL30/60/32×6 Joiner 3060-07649 per pair
SLZL32/50/20×5 Joiner 3060-07460 per pair
SLZL32/50/24×5 Joiner 3060-07237 per pair
SLZL32/50/24×6 Joiner 3060-08986 per pair
SLZL32/60/30×6 Joiner 3060-07412 per pair
SLZL32/60/32×5 Joiner 3060-07175 per pair
SLZL32/60/32×6 Joiner 3060-06651 per pair
SLZL36/40/20×5 Joiner 3060-07823 per pair
SLZL36/50/20×5 Joiner 3060-06860 per pair
SLZL36/50/20×5 Joiner (4g) 3060-09903 per pair
SLZL36/50/20×6 Joiner 3060-07695 per pair
SLZL36/50/24×5 Joiner 3060-07476 per pair
SLZL36/60/20×5 Joiner 3060-06542 per pair
SLZL36/60/20×6 Joiner 3060-06660 per pair
SLZL36/60/20×6 Joiner (4g) 3060-09406 per pair
SLZL36/60/30×5 Joiner 3060-06544 per pair
SLZL36/60/30×5 Joiner (4g) 3060-08628 per pair
SLZL36/60/30×6 Joiner 3060-08680 per pair
SLZL36/60/32×5 Joiner 3060-07662 per pair
SLZL36/60/32×5 Joiner (4g) 3060-07186 per pair
SLZL36/60/32×6 Joiner 3060-06653 per pair
SLZL36/60/32×6 Joiner (4g) 3060-10039 per pair
SLZL36/75/32×6 Joiner 3060-06538 per pair
SLZL38/60/32×6 Joiner 3060-08979 per pair
SLZL40/40/20×5 Joiner 3060-07204 per pair
SLZL40/50/20×5 Joiner 3060-09818 per pair
SLZL40/50/20×5 Joiner (4g) 3060-06862 per pair
SLZL40/50/20×6 Joiner 3060-09258 per pair
SLZL40/60/30×5 Joiner 3060-07814 per pair
SLZL40/60/30×6 Joiner 3060-07686 per pair
SLZL40/60/32×5 Joiner 3060-07359 per pair
SLZL40/60/32×5 Joiner (4g) 3060-07137 per pair
SLZL40/60/32×6 Joiner 3060-06633 per pair
SLZL40/60/32×6 Joiner (4g) 3060-08837 per pair
SLZL40/75/32×5 Joiner (4g) 3060-08537 per pair
SLZL42/40/20×5 Joiner 3060-07595 per pair
SLZL42/50/20×5 Joiner 3060-07635 per pair
SLZL42/50/20×5 Joiner (4g) 3060-10823 per pair
SLZL42/50/20×6 Joiner 3060-07636 per pair
SLZL42/50/24×5 Joiner 3060-07878 per pair
SLZL42/60/20×6 Joiner 3060-09439 per pair
SLZL42/60/32×5 Joiner 3060-07704 per pair
SLZL42/60/32×5 Joiner (4g) 3060-07216 per pair
SLZL43/60/32×5 Joiner 3060-09829 per pair
SLZL43/60/32×6 Joiner 3060-11095 per pair
SLZL45/50/20×5 Joiner 3060-08184 per pair
SLZL45/60/30×6 Joiner 3060-06867 per pair
SLZL45/60/32×5 Joiner 3060-07721 per pair
SLZL45/60/32×6 Joiner 3060-07723 per pair
SLZL48/50/20×5 Joiner 3060-07865 per pair
SLZL50/40/20×5 Joiner 3060-10089 per pair
SLZL50/50/20×5 Joiner 3060-08151 per pair
SLZL50/50/20×6 Joiner 3060-08152 per pair
SLZL50/60/30×5 Joiner 3060-07665 per pair
SLZL50/60/32×5 Joiner 3060-07516 per pair
SLZL50/60/32×5 Joiner (4g) 3060-07582 per pair
SLZL50/60/32×6 Joiner 3060-07458 per pair
SLZL50/60/32×6 Joiner (4g) 3060-07700 per pair
SLZL55/60/32×5 Joiner (4g) 3060-07917 per pair
SLZL56/50/20×5 Joiner 3060-09289 per pair
SLZL56/60/32×5 Joiner 3060-07981 per pair
SLZL60/60/32×5 Joiner 3060-07423 per pair
SLZL60/60/32×6 Joiner 3060-07874 per pair
SLZL64/60/32×6 Joiner 3060-11359 per pair
SLZL64/60/32×6 Joiner 3060-11359 per pair