Rubber flights (RM)

To transport the product at steep angles we have rubber flights (RM) in 9 different heights. Because of the functional design of these flights they can be assembled to every pitch. When the flight is not fitted tightly between the traction belts, its back will be cut out to fit a cable grip. This prevents the flight from moving sideways.


Product number


RMP28 Flight 3910-01962 Rubber
RM30 Flight 3910-01955 Rubber
RM40 Flight 3910-19806 Rubber
RM50 Flight 3910-01956 Rubber
RM75 Flight 3910-01957 Rubber
RM100 Flight 3910-01958 Rubber
RM120 Flight 3910-01959 Rubber
RM140 Flight 3910-01960 Rubber
RMS165 Flight 3910-01961 Rubber
RMP170 Flight 3910-01963 Rubber